Chamomile is an ancient herb traditionally known for its calmative and antioxidant properties.* The dried chamomile flowers contain many flavonoids, which contribute to its beneficial properties.¹*

Properties and mechanism of action

Chamomile has been widely used to help relieve restlessness due to its calming properties.¹* Preclinical studies have demonstrated that one of the main bioactive constituents responsible for chamomile's calming effects is the flavonoid apigenin.¹ It has been shown to bind to γ-amino butyric acid (GABA) receptors which may contribute to a more relaxed state.²*

Scientific support

The calming and relaxing effects of chamomile have been demonstrated in clinical trials in various populations. One study conducted on healthy young adults demonstrated significantly increased feelings of calmness after the consumption of chamomile tea compared to the control.³* Dried chamomile flowers are commonly used in herbal teas and have traditionally been used for occasional restlessness by helping to support relaxation.*

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